About us

Since 2006 Etikos has helped organizations across Denmark to put ethics on the agenda. We possess a great diversity in Etikos, which means that we view, understand and develop organizations from a variety of angles and traditions. Our broad and deep professionalism deals with your development, whether it is on the organization's profile, work and collaboration, strategy implementation, personal leadership development or welfare. We guarantee services that are grounded in both theory and practice. This ensures that there is development, where now there is stagnation.

We help organizations of all sizes, and highlight the dilemmas that employees encounter every day. Together we give ethics a language that can help you and your fellow human beings to understand the ideas behind both your and their actions. Together we make visible the impact of these ideas.

We are a dynamic company in constant evolution, and we know that no answer is definitive. With us it is the meeting between people that is in the centre. Thus we meet your dilemmas in an open encounter and attach great importance to personal contact, dialogue and adaptation, because we know that no solution can be given in advance.

At Etikos we work from three values: courage, openness and professional integrity. These values form our professional identity, and we take them with us in everything we do.