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Christina Busk

Owner and founder. Tel: 2897 6999. Email: Busk@Etikos.dk
“When we have an eye for ethics, we also sharpen the organizational profile, become aware of its culture, and create a community across disciplines. That is what we are passionate about at Etikos ”
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Mette Rosendal

Development Consultant. Tel: 2261 4194. Email: Rosendal@Etikos.dk.
“At Etikos we possess a great diversity in our educational background and we can offer the ethical method viewed from many different angles and traditions. We can therefore make ethics concrete – both to develop organizations, in creating a meeting between people”.
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Lene Frølund

Senior Consultant. Tel: 2261 4194. Email: Lene@Etikos.dk
“At Etikos we help people to meet the tough dilemmas and challenge the fixed ideas, prejudices and assumptions, so that we all become more aware of ourselves”.
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Renze Klamer

PhD Researcher. Tel: 5223 8485. Email: Renze@Etikos.dk.
“I love reflecting on how this can be put into practice in a managerial realm, which naturally focusses on instrumentality, efficiency, structures and control. It is this mission, deeply rooted in ethical thinking, that I am very fortunate to see reflected at Etikos”.
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Uffe Lund

Development Consultant. Tel: 5179 7644. Email: Uffe@Etikos.dk
“At Etikos we help organizations to put ethics on the agenda and to translate this into practice, to complement the organization’s core competences. Ethics has no professional preferences, which is why it is relevant and useful for professionals at all levels”.
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Mads Gram

Student worker. Tel: 5358 5563. Email: Mads@etikos.dk.
“At Etikos we help to provide a common language for the ethics and culture of the organization, so that the culture, the organization and the employee can develop together and work towards the organization’s objective”.