Focus areas

Etikos has many years of experience in contributing to the development of public organizations across municipalities. We offer targeted and flexible processes at all levels, from local services to departments, staffs and management groups in administrations.


Cooperation is essentiel for problem-solving!

Etikos has developed simple and easy accessible tools in order to ensure the ideal communication and investigating dialogue. We offer goal-oriented and flexible processes for both employees and leaders, where the tools are being trained with an outset in concrete dilemmas from both the employees and leaders everyday worklife.

The good cooperation

A good cooperation between employees in the specific department, across different departments, and between the employee and daily leader, is of monumental in order to solve problems in public organisations. The cooperation will in reality be filled with dilemmas, because the different attitudes of the employees will be different. Naturally the point of view on the challenges of the workday will differ from employee to employee, and naturally different professions will solve the same core-task differently, with different tools and methods. That is why that it is important with a common tool for handling dilemmas, which ensures a nuanced ethical reflection and an investigating dialogue.

Etikos’ processes is aimed at cooperation and contributes to:

  • A strengthening of the professional cooperation with a special focus on the coretask.
  • An increased understanding of each others perspectives on the different professions or staffs.
  • A common approach to handling dilemmas in the everyday
  • Shared tools in order to ensure an investigating and recognizing dialogue.

Shift in paradigm

When the social attitudes changes!

The conception of what public welfare is all about, is undergoing a change in these years. Within the spheres of several administrations a change in the view on the core-task and the professional role is occurring. More concretely these changes can have do with conceptions such as co-creation, citizenship, rehabilitation and inclusion, and how these comes more into focus, and is joining in on a reformulation on what the core-task is.

Finding a new footing

The occuring changes is fundamental, which means that they don't just deal with new ways of organizing the organisation, or new ways of planing the solving of the core-task in practice - they also deals with the attitudes, values, and culture. That is why there is a need for a new focus on the culturs role, and on how management and employee can cooperate about developing the culture of the organisation.

Etikos has developed a goal-oriented concept to uncover og develop the culture of organisations. In this context the applied ethics works as a tool which in depth analyses attitudes and values of the culture. At the same time we focuses on dilemmas in practice as a window to the values of the locale culture.

Etikos can contribute with effective and goal-oriented culureprocesses. The locale or transverse culture will be uncovered by use of qualitative methods in a flexible and effective manner and based on the analysis of the cultural outset we can set of  goal-oriented actions to cultural development.

Etikos’ processes aims at goal-oriented cultural development, which contributes to:

  • A qualitative and gaol-oriented uncovering of important sides to the organisations culture, which can barricade the development of the organisation.
  • An easy accessible and useful picture of the organisations culture, a cultural mirror, which can function as a concrete outset for the development of the organisations culture
  • Goal-oriented process-actions, where the development of the culture is being launched, and where management and employees are being equipped with concrete tools in order to being able to continue the development of the culture.

Core task and professional integrity

A common understanding of the coretask is imperative!

The understanding of the coretask is an important area of focus in public organisations, not least in a time where the welfare-society is undergoing changes. A common understanding of why we are here, is crucial for the development and problemsolving of the organisation in the everyday. Etikos brings ethics to the table as an effective and easy accessible tool to ensure an in depth understanding of the value-related changes, which are taking place within the different spheres of management. At the same time the ethical functions as a strong perspective in order to ensure a common understanding of the coretask at both management and employee. In this way Etikos also contributes to the professional integrity for both the management and employee i public organisations. That means the academic and professional self-understanding as a public employee.

Etikos’ processes aims at the understanding of the coretask and the professional integrity, which contribtes to:

  • An in depth understanding of the value-related shifts on the area
  • The development of a nuanced and precise understanding of the coretask, which is on the forefront of development
  • A common understanding of the coretask at both an employee- and management level
  • A common approach to handeling the build-in dilemmas in solving the coretask in practice

Development of politics and strategies

New politics and strategies requires involvement, values, and visions!

The municipalities is continuesly working with the development of new politics and strategies, which kan point out the direction for the development in the different areas of management. It is important that the new politics and strategies holds precise visions and values, so they can function both as a platform and a guide for management and employees. Visions and values must also be on the forefront of the development og make it clear, what the coretask fundeamentally is all about, and what the citizens can expect of the municipality. Etikos has an exstensive experience helping managements with the development of the value-related core in the new politics and strategies. With the ethical as a tool we contribute to the ensuring of nuanced and balanced visions and values, which is on the forefront with development. We also help in designing the concrete implementationplans with targeted interventions, which supports the life of the new politics and strategies in practice at managements and employees.

In our processes to develop municipal politics and strategies we cooperate closely with the managements own consultants We also offer to facilitate participatory and collaborative processes with all the relevant stakeholders, such as citizen, politicians, employees and managements.

Etikos’ processes aims at the development of politics and strategies, which contributes to:

  • A targeting and flexible process, which combines the involvement of stakeholders with central development
  • A precise and nuanced formulation of the value-related core in the politic or strategy, which is on the forefront with the development in the specific area.
  • The design of concrete implementationplans with targeting interventions, which supports the new politics and strategies abilities to unfold in practice